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Snoring Aids

          Common Stop Snoring Aids

Snoring obviously is a bête noire for the family members and neighbors while it forces you to sleep with your mouth wide open. As a result, while you wake up, you wake up with a dry mouth.  Even though the above happens to be the possible side effects of snoring, it will not lead to any fatal situations. However, there are more side effects to snoring. In fact, snoring promotes sleep deprivation, leading to chronic illnesses. We all know that excessive sleep is bad, while not getting adequate sleep is worse! Therefore snoring should be eliminated at once.

What causes snoring?

Snoring develops when you start breathing through your mouth instead of through your nose. When airway gets blocked, breathing is impeded. When there are hindrances occurring with the closure of the airway, pressure goes up in the throat muscles at the bottom end. When breathing strains, the throat muscles begin vibrating and vibrations produce the snoring sound.

Cure from snoring

Snoring aids provide effective cure from snoring. Stop snoring aids like chinstraps is placed around your head and chin to keep the mouth closed during sleeping. In fact, chinstraps allow you to breathe through your mouth rather than nose. When breathing restores through your nose, snoring is stopped. It is difficult to make conscious efforts to make you breathe through the nose and hence chinstraps are the best remedy.

Antisnoring pillows

Stop snoring aids include anti snoring pillows as well. Anti snoring pillows allow you to raise the level of your head while sleeping. When you adjust the position of your head, you can prevent your tongue from going back toward the throat end. When the airway is cleared of the hindrance, normal breathing restores and the result is no snoring.

Anti snoring mouthpiece 

Chronic Illnesses

     SnoreDoc Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

An anti snoring mouthpiece is used to realign the position of the lower jaw responsible for developing the snoring habit. While sleeping, the lower jaw tends to move to the back end, forcing the tongue to move towards the respiratory tract. When the airway is closed partially, snoring develops.

SnoreDoc mouthpiece

SnoreDoc is a custom mouldable anti snoring device that repositions the lower jaw to favor proper breathing. SnoreDoc holds the lower jaw a bit forward, and prevents the tongue from blocking the breathing tract. SnoreDoc improves your sleep as well. SnoreDoc is to be worn regularly at bedtime. The device comes with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

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