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Stop snoring

           How to stop snoring effectively

Snorers should not be blamed for their snoring because a majority of them is not even aware of their sleeping disorder. It is the roommate or the bed partner who suffers a lot due to this sleeping disorder. A pindrop silence is what one would wish to have at night. And, when the snoring shatters the silence, the non-snoring partner would have to lie wide-awake tolerating the noise.

If you are a chronic snorer, you can try different snoring aids that can help you to stop your snoring at night. Since snoring affects not only you, but your partner as well, it is important to choose an appropriate anti snoring device at the earliest. Apart from affecting your health, it can also affect the relationship you have with your partner.

Let us check the different natural methods that would help you to stop snoring.

Change your sleeping posture

Sleeping on your back will cause lower jaw to drop backwards and hinder your airway.  This can make your snore at night. To avoid this, you can try placing a tennis ball under your shirt so that you would not sleep on your back, as this encourages side sleeping. In order to stop snoring, it would also be better to avoid certain foodstuffs like sweets before going to bed.

Things to avoid before going to sleep

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes before going to bed. These relax the throat muscles too much and make you snore. You should also avoid taking chocolate, pizza, fried items and processed foods before going to sleep. Avoid taking sleeping pills, which are considered a cause for snoring.

Appropriate anti snoring device

      Stop snoring using SnoreDoc

Changing your lifestyle a bit can stop your snoring at night. Performing exercises regularly and practicing singing can reduce the snoring problem. However, you can also stop snoring by using an effective snoring mouthpiece.

What is SnoreDoc?

SnoreDoc is a custom-moldable mouthpiece that can help you eliminate the snoring effectively. It can be molded at your home and the instructions you get along with your purchase are simple to follow. Take a bowl of water and allow it to boil. Dip your moldable SnoreDoc mouthpiece in it. Let it boil for 2 minutes after which, it would turn soft. Now you can take the device out of the water and bite down hard on it. Your teeth’s imprint will now fall on the inner core of the mouthpiece.

You can wear the mouthpiece before going to sleep. Click here to place order for SnoreDoc and it costs only $49.99.

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